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Bringing your brand to life through creating a strong digital presence along with creative and inspiring graphics.


Hey amazing people! My name is Arielle Harding. I bring together my social media, branding, design and photography skills to offer a full package for your brand or company. I work with individuals and small businesses. 

I am here to bring your brand to the next level! My creative passion first started off when I took a dark room photography class at sleep-away camp when I was 12. When I was in college I continued with photography but also started exploring other creative forms including graphic design, blogging and video production. 

I also love collaborating with other amazing individuals whether it’s sharing experiences and tips, simply having a great conversation or being able to provide an opportunity for someone. I am open to connect! 🙂 

Treat Yourself

Recently I was talking to a friend and he mentioned, “I think I am going to treat myself this week” and I then asked him “how are you going to treat yourself?” He answered “I’ll probably go shopping and buy some clothes or sneakers.” It then occurred to me that

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2021 Goals

2021 Goals  For several years- I had always avoided setting goals for the new year or also known as the classic new years resolutions. I just had always thought of myself as already motivated and goal-driven – so why set goals just because it’s the new year. I also just

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How do you define your self-worth? Often I realized I’ve defined my self-worth based on the job I have, the recognition I receive from people, how many friends I have, or even on materialistic things such as the apartment I live in, etc.  When you actually think about it- that

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