Treat Yourself

Recently I was talking to a friend and he mentioned, “I think I am going to treat myself this week” and I then asked him “how are you going to treat yourself?” He answered “I’ll probably go shopping and buy some clothes or sneakers.”

It then occurred to me that I feel that you should find a way to treat yourself everyday- and it doesn’t simply mean by buying materialistic things. Yes you can treat yourself to shopping one day. But it also can be the simple things- like enjoying some alone time to read a good book or going out to dinner with friends or having a FaceTime call with your bff. 

Remember you deserve to treat yourself to a little something everyday!  Here are 10 ways to treat yourself:

1.) Treat yourself a nice meal either by yourself or with friends (try a new place you’ve always wanted to try!)

2.) Give yourself a night of self care

3.) Go shopping 

4.) Do something active 

5.) Have a great conversation either in person, over the phone or through video with a family member or friend

6.) Cook yourself a delicious meal

7.) Go for a nice walk in your neighborhood 

 8.) Read a good book

9.) Do something your passionate about whether its songwriting, blogging, singing, dancing etc 

10.) Have a cozy movie night by yourself or with friends