It’s the little things that make a difference

It's the Little Things that Make a Difference

Lately I’ve come to realize that the small gestures such as sending a card to a family member or asking how someone is doing – can make a huge difference. This past week I sent five small packages to family and friends along with cards as well. The responses and calls I received by just simply sending a small gift made me realize how I had brightened someones day just by spreading a little bit of kindness. 

If you think about it- if you felt lonely or were having a rough day and a friend called you to say hello- wouldn’t it brighten your day? 

Something that requires little to no money or effort can make a huge difference.  

My goal starting now- is to do a little something everyday to make a difference or brighten someones day. Here is some things I plan to do (and you can too!):

  • Call a friend just to say “Hi” and see how they are doing 

  • Send cards or gifts to family and friends 

  • Say “Hello” to a person on the street or who is providing you a service and ask them how they are doing 

  • Find ways to volunteer (even virtually for now!)

  • Spread positivity on social media 

  • Look for ways you can add value, connect or help individuals 

Just by doing these simple things you are making a difference! 

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