Bringing Value

One of my main focuses this year is how can I bring value. What I mean by this is how can what I have including my talents, skills and connections bring value to someone else. I have been so blessed this year 2020 in so many ways including having an amazing job (that I can now easily work from home), working with amazing leaders from an incredible mentorship opportunity I’ve been offered, having friends and family that support me and so much more! 

I am so grateful for all that I have that I want to help other people and bring value to them. This can be in a variety of ways whether it’s simply brightening someone’s day by saying Hello to them or offering my marketing advice to them for their brand.

Just whatever I do I keep in mind how can I bring value. Some examples of how I can bring value to people include:

  • Offering my marketing advice to someone for their brand
  • Recommending Facebook groups that I am a part of that I have made useful connections with other creatives 
  • Simply saying hello and having a conversation- sometimes something that simple can brighten someone’s day 
  • Sharing with them the mentorship opportunity that I’ve been given that can help them with self-development, leadership and entrepreneurial skills and so much more! 
  • If I know someone through my network that offers a skill they need- referring it to them 
  • Connecting with creatives through social media to share advice and grow a community of likeminded individuals
  • Sharing my ideas, thoughts, and tools through my blog 

These are just a few examples of ways I have brought value to individuals, will continue to do so or plan to. Just remember your value and how you can share that with others. For example, if you have a beverage brand instead of trying to directly sell your products focus on how can these products bring value to someone. You can do this through being authentic and really focusing on their needs to ultimately bring value to them.

If you have another agenda or simply try to sell something to someone, before even seeing if its something they need, you will never come across authentic and will not be offering value to them.


I rather make authentic connections and form real relationships than simply offer someone something that may not need. I’ve had several amazing conversations with people from a variety of industries, and sure they may not need my services at this time, but just forming that connection and building an authentic network is ultimately what is important to me. 

Another way to think about it is with Instagram. I rather have 500 followers who are engaged and see value in my account (my ideas, content, etc) then 5K followers who are just following me because I told them to but aren’t engaged and could care less about my content. 

Ultimately bringing value to people will help you create a network of valuable individuals who are engaged and will find value in your brand, product, services, company, etc. as well as you as an individual. 

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