Hey amazing people! My name is Arielle Harding. I bring together my social media, branding, design and photography skills to offer a full package for your brand or company. I work with individuals and small businesses. 

I am here to bring your brand to the next level! My creative passion first started off when I took a dark room photography class at sleep-away camp when I was 12. When I was in college I continued with photography but also started exploring other creative forms including graphic design, blogging and video production. 

I also love collaborating with other amazing individuals whether it’s sharing experiences and tips, simply having a great conversation or being able to provide an opportunity for someone. I am open to connect! 🙂 

 Just some fun information about me: 

I am originally from Maine but now live in NYC and absolutely love the city!! On a daily basis you can find me at a variety of events including  marketing events,  shabbat dinners or simply a networking event- I love meeting new people! My three main passions include traveling, photography and exploring new forms of media. 

I would name some of my travel bucket list destinations but there always changing everyday. But I do absolutely love Latin America culture and one of my goals is to go backpacking through Central and South America. 

So far I’ve traveled internationally to England, Israel, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Canada and Panama. My favorite color is blue and I love Asian food.